Audio Acoustic Measurements

GRAS is a worldwide leader in the sound and vibration industry. We develop and manufacture state-of-the-art measurement microphones to industries where acoustic measuring accuracy and repeatability is of utmost importance in R&D, QA and production. This includes applications and solutions for customers within the fields of aerospace, automotive, audiology, and consumer electronics. GRAS microphones are designed to live up to the high quality, durability and accuracy that our customers have come to expect and trust.


Acoustic Sensors for NVH Testing

Valid data and efficient test methods have always been important in acoustic noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) testing, but the need for better test methods and more reliable data has never been greater. New types of cars – electric, hybrid, autonomous – pose new challenges and call for new, informed and clever trade-off decisions. Read about electric applications here. Add to this, the constant push for shorter time to market and more efficient NVH test methods – more urgently than ever before. As the world leader in developing cutting-edge acoustic sensors, GRAS provides new and improved microphones for more efficient and reliable acoustic NVH testing. This includes a rugged and very versatile standard microphone for a wide variety of acoustic NVH applications as well as highly specialized microphones for very specific applications. DOWNLOAD BROCHURE


Since the founding of GRAS Sound & Vibration we have been deeply involved in the audiology industry. Through close cooperation with leading manufacturers in the hearing aid industry we know that the technology for and the design of hearing aid devices has experienced a tremendous development over the latest decades. Intelligent and adaptive hearing aid devices bring new challenges especially within measuring and testing such as how the devices should adapt to the surroundings and when to shift channel to give the user the best possible experience and perception of sound and own voice adjusted individually. To help you meet the industry standards IEC 60118 and IEC 60318 we are deeply involved in research and development bringing new products to the market. We can assist you in improving your testing with all of these challenges taken into consideration, you can improve your products and hence the life quality for your customers.

Aerospace & Defense

Aeroacoustics is a branch of acoustics that studies noise generation via either turbulent fluid motion or aerodynamic forces interacting with surfaces. Aeroacoustics is important in the design of vehicles, aircrafts, wind turbines, buildings and bridges to minimize vibrations and noise. There are two sources of noise, which are important when talking about aeroacoustics – external noise and aerodynamic noise (or pseudo-noise), see below graphics.
The fundamental problems of aeroacoustics is that most test scenarios are expensive and time-consuming and theoretical tests based on calculation software are difficult to simulate realistically. Due to the complexity of boundary layer pressure variations, simulations often require multiple validations and correctional phases. Specifically, it is difficult to quantify and understand the turbulence and flow-induced noise on different vehicles (aircrafts, cars, drones), simulation tools are slow and imprecise due to the stochastic behavior of turbulence, and experimental tests are costly due to the need for anechoic wind tunnels. Aeroacoustics is a critical component in aerospace vehicle design, certification and operation. Typical wind noise sources are shown below.

Consumer Audio & Electronics

High-Caliber Test Equipment for All Your Needs!

The ever-increasing demand from consumers for new features, better quality and lower prices put a constant strain on audio and electronics manufacturers to differentiate on cost efficiency, shorter time to market and outstanding performance. At GRAS, we acknowledge your challenges and try to overcome these by pushing the boundaries of what is possible within precision measurement microphones.
We know about the consumer audio and electronics industry as it is in our DNA. We were the first measurement company to introduce the ½” microphone which has since been copied by most of our competitors in the market. We also make microphones or solutions to custom, and we are known for our exemplary design of innovative and groundbreaking products. Our product portfolio within consumer audio and electronics is the most extensive presently available on the market. Whatever your challenge, we understand the importance of precision, accuracy and reliability in your measurement results. Over the years, GRAS has developed the widest portfolio of acoustic test fixtures and microphones for customers expecting outstanding product quality, performance and durability. Consider us as your preferred partner and trusted advisor for whatever your need for capturing precise, accurate and reliable measurement data from R&D to end-of-line production. Choose your segment of interest in the left-hand menu or by clicking the icons below:
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Education & Research

 At GRAS, our focus on research has paved the way for new world standards for measurement microphones – including the world’s most popular and probably most copied acoustic sensor: the ½” measurement microphone. Our collaboration with universities and educational institutions worldwide as well as a significant involvement in various research projects aims to help our partners find innovative approaches to measurements and achieve the best possible results. Regardless of the project, we are ready to help you identify the best possible solutions and guide you with our knowledge and world-class expertise.

Environmental noise & Monitoring

Environmental noise affects us all, whether it is a whine from a distant power station or the increased aircraft and vehicle traffic. Noise monitoring is a complex field driven by regulations and legislation with the aim to protect the environment and the citizens from noise pollution. Implementing measurements can be difficult and making sure your microphone not only measures correctly today but also next week and next year is critical. The GRAS Outdoor Microphones are amongst the most stable and robust microphones on the market. At GRAS we provide quality measurements and offer accredited calibration, which is your guarantee for correct and reliable measurement data every time.

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