Big Data

Spectracom offers a wide variety of timing solutions to meet even the most demanding requirements for precision and availability. And we make timing easy with innovations like NTP over AnyCast which allows you to manage a timing network of any size with a single, virtual IP address. And with new innovations like STL, which provides secure, high accuracy sync with just an indoor antenna, Spectracom simplifies implementing timing in a way never before possible.

Spectracom Big Data

Big data just keeps getting bigger.

Every year the number of connected devices grows. Expectations of performance from data service providers become more and more demanding. And, it turns out, adding more and more hardware to improve performance or capacity doesn’t scale infinitely. All of this adds up to significant challenges for data operators.

Big Data Timing Solutions

For decades, Spectracom has been providing timing solutions to operators of mission critical networks. Our customers rely upon our technology across industries like Financial Services, Telecom, Retail, Process Control, Military / Aerospace, Public Safety, and others where downtime is not an option.

Big Data Solutions

STL: Secure, Precise Indoor Timing

To improve efficiency and performance, many data operators are turning to a solution ignored for years within the data community – time. Within Big Data, time has historically been considered to be either too unreliable to be useful or too expensive to implemented. However, with the rise in popularity of new models such as NoSQL and eventually consistent databases, time is emerging as a powerful tool for data operators to use in the battle against the rising tides of data.

Time for efficiency and performance

Data operators are finding that by using accurate timestamps from hardware based clocks, they are able to improve performance and efficiency by reducing things like data conflicts. A good example is distributed systems which use an eventual consistency approach. This is a popular method of distributing data over replica, where if no updates were to be made, eventually all of the replica would have the same data. While this method often provides greater performance and availability, it sacrifices consistency. And as data grows and becomes more distributed, data conflicts are inevitable.

There are many creative ways that have been developed to deal with these conflicts – coordination protocols, vector clocks, versioning control, and so on. Pretty much everything EXCEPT using accurate timestamps. But all of these methods require bandwidth and CPU cycles and don’t even guarantee that they can resolve the conflict at the end of it all. And in that process, you’ve used precious system resources that degrade the performance of your database and introduced delays which impact the user experience.

Simplify Your Large Deployments With NTP over AnyCast

Using NTP over AnyCast allows you to manage thousands of clients through a single, virtual IP address, removing the logistics involved with deploying and managing Enterprise scale networks

A new approach being adopted by data operators is to simply use the accurate, reliable timestamp provided by a Spectracom timeserver to determine the freshest data. This can greatly reduce or eliminate the overhead processing and latency associated with resolving data conflicts through older methods.

Having accurate time across a network also provides the granularity needed to accurately measure latency between points. This is essential for troubleshooting and identifying bottlenecks, especially in networks subject to microbursts of traffic. And as the quantity and speed of data grows, identifying and solving those types of issues is becoming more and more difficult to do without using accurate time.


The Building Blocks

SecureSync GPS Master Clock, Time Server Appliance

Enterprise-Class SecureSync

SecureSync® combines Spectracom’s precision GPS master clock technology and secure network-centric approach with a compact modular hardware design in a 1RU chassis to result in a powerful, scalable and flexible time server.

TSync time server boards

TSync Timecode Processors

Computer slot cards and boards for various instrument and other interfaces are available with software drivers for easy integration. Available in PCIe, cPCI, PMC, PCI-104, VPX, and other form factors as needed.

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