Promax PROMAX-4
Cable TV Analyzer

The PROMAX-4 are analyzers designed for the installation and maintenance of systems for the reception and distribution of television signals. They are especially suited to cable television systems, since they integrate all the basic functions required for signal analysis in an easy-to-use, accurate, robust and low-cost device.

Promax PROMAX-4 Cable TV Analyzer

The PROMAX-4 models, are instruments designed to measure the basic parameters to determine the quality of the signal in a CATV system in a fast and simple manner. We have implemented three versions so to offer different options depending on the needs. It is a one hand operation instrument with direct reading of the measurement on an illuminated LCD screen. It incorporates a audio demodulator together with an speaker. A exchangeable input connector so to avoid damaging the instrument.


  • TUNING: From 45 to 862 MHz, through channels, frequency or programs. One channel plan, configurable from PC
  • LEVEL MEASUREMENT: 20 dBµV to 120 dBµV. Digital readout
  • VIDEO/AUDIO MEASUREMENT: Measurement range from 0 to 40 dB
  • C/N MEASUREMENT: Dynamic range 50 dB
  • SOUND: AM/FM/Level. Internal speaker / external headphones output

The PROMAX-4 offers coverage of all television channels between 45 MHz and 852 MHz.

They enable the signal level to be measured with a high degree of accuracy. They incorporate a series of functions for evaluating the image quality. They include a calculation of the Video/Audio (V/A) ratio and the Carrier/Noise (C/N) ration in the Channel (Patented Method).

The implementation of all these func- tions in instruments which weigh just half a kilo makes them incomparable working tools. Every detail has been carefully studied in order to achieve optimum balance between the characteristics and their functionality. The result is a device with advanced functions which is easy to use and can be operated by non-specialist personnel.

Video/Audio measurement:

The V/A ratio indicates the relation between the level of the video carrier and the Audio carrier. There are certain optimum values for each standard.

In frequently occurs that the audio carrier levels are not checked when the installation takes place. Sometimes it is taken for granted that it is enough to check the demodulated audio signal, but it should be noted that an unsuitable V/A ratio may cause interference in the video.

Carrier/Noise measurement:

Carrier/Noise Measurement is another factor which enables us to evaluate the signal quality. The C/N function measures the ratio between the carrier level and the noise level.

PROMAX has developed and patented a method for calculating this ratio in the channel in which the measurement is made.

Direct reading:

Both instruments have a dynamic range from 20 dBμV (-40 dBmV) to 120 dBμV (60 dBmV). In order to achieve a direct reading of the signal level, the measurement is automatic and the device itself selects the input attenuator most suitable for each signal. In applications for which a value must be set for the attenuators, the Manual mode may be used. The units may be displayed in dBμV or in dBmV.

Selection modes:

A rotary selector allows any one of three tuning modes to be selected: by Frequency, Channels or Programs. The Frequency mode allows user to tune any frequency between 45 and 862 MHz with a resolution of 62.5 kHz.

Access by Channel depends on the channel plan selected. Tuning by Programs enables direct access for up to 64 channels. The number of programs may be limited to adapt the measuring cycles to the capacity of the network.

Promax PROMAX-4 Cable TV Analyzer

Promax PROMAX-4 – Datasheet


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