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Aim-TTi MX100Q Power Supply

Aim-TTi MX100Q Power Supply

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  • Three or four high performance outputs of 105 watts each
    3 x (0 to 35V at 0 to 3A) or 4 x (0 to 35V at 0 to 3A)
  • Total power of 315 or 420 watts in a compact package
  • Range switching gives up to 70 volts and up to 6 amps
  • Many range combinations for maximum flexibility
  • Up to 210 watts from a single output

Aim-TTi MX100Q Power Supply

The Aim-TTi MX100Q Power Supply uses mixed mode regulation to provide up to 420W of power split across up to four outputs. This series differs from most other multi-output power supplies in offering full capabilities on all outputs. Each output features CV or CI operation, simultaneous high resolution metering, switchable remote sensing, OVP and OCP trips, and an individual output switch. To increase its ability to match the widest range of applications, each output has more than one range giving the choice of higher voltage or higher current. When higher power is required, up to two outputs can be disabled to provide twice the power from one or two outputs.

To provide its impressive power density the MX series combines high frequency switch-mode pre-regulation with linear postregulation to offer performance that comes close to that of an all-linear design. Excellent line and load regulation is matched by low noise and good transient response.* When a higher power level is needed, up to two outputs can be disabled to provide 210 watts (MX100T/ MX100Q) or 360 watts (MX180T) from a single output.
Unlike some other multi-output power supplies, the MX Series displays voltage, current and other essential information for all outputs simultaneously. The illuminated keypad includes soft keys via which voltage or current can be instantly set for any output. The illuminated keyoad can also be used to set up other functions using a menu system. Values can be set numerically direct from the keypad, or can be adjusted in a quasi-analog manner using the control knob.

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Aim-TTi MX100Q Power Supply

Aim-TTi MX100Q Datasheet

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