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Anritsu MS2830A Signal Analyzer

Anritsu MS2830A Signal Analyzer

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Spectrum Analyzer/Signal Analyzer MS2830A

Top-class spectrum analyzer measurement speed
Provides ±0.3dB (typ.) total level accuracy
Best-in-class dynamic range
Spectrum analyzer supporting built-in vector signal generator, analog signal generator, audio analyzer and modulation analysis (options)
Offers modulation analysis, such as LTE/LTE-Advanced, Mobile WiMAX, WLAN IEEE802.11a/b/g/j/n/p/ac and FM/ΦM/AM (options)
Noise Figure, BER and Transmission Characteristics measurement (options)
Excellent eco-friendly product with low power consumption of 110 VA min.

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Anritsu MS2830A Signal Analyzer

The Spectrum Analyzer/Signal Analyzer MS2830A has top-class measurement speed at medium-class price. It has best-of-class dynamic range (average noise level [DANL]: –153 dBm, third-order intermodulation distortion [TOI]: +15 dBm) and excellent ±0.3 dB (typ.) total level accuracy using unique level calibration technology.

The MS2830A’s unique Capture & Playback function enables users to capture real-world signals in the field and then recreate them in the lab or on the production line. It offers the performance and measurement speed of a high-end test instrument for a mid-range price. Features include:
Best-of-class dynamic range and total level accuracy minimize measurement uncertainty and maximize production yield
Wide variety of built-in measurement functions, including channel power, occupied bandwidth, adjacent channel leakage power (ACLR), spurious emissions, and much more
Low Phase Noise Performance option MS2830A-066 greatly improves phase noise for signals below 3.6 GHz, enabling unmatched performance for the most challenging narrowband adjacent channel leakage power and spurious emissions tests
Optional wideband vector signal analysis enables frequency vs. time, phase vs. time, spectrogram, and CCDF measurements
Comprehensive vector modulation analysis of proprietary and standard wireless communications signals, including LTE/LTE-Advanced, W-CDMA, GSM/EDGE, TD-SCDMA, CDMA2000, IEEE 802.11a/b/g/j/n/p, ZigBee, P25 Phase 1 & 2, DMR, NXDN and ITU-R Positive Train Control
Optional integrated vector signal generator produces continuous wave and I/Q modulated signals to support Tx and Rx testing
Audio Analyzer option MS2830A-018 enables complete Tx and Rx testing for analog radios, eliminating need for a dedicated instrument
Noise Figure Measurement Function option MS2830A-017 and Preamplifier option MS2830A-008 enable precise noise figure measurements

Anritsu MS2830

Anritsu MS2830A Datablad

Anritsu MS2830A Microwave

Anritsu MS2830A Microwave Datablad

Anritsu MS2830A

MS2830A Main Frame
MS2830A-040 3.6 GHz Signal Analyzer
MS2830A-041 6 GHz Signal Analyzer
MS2830A-043 13.5 GHz Signal Analyzer
MS2830A-001 Rubidium Reference Oscillator
MS2830A-002 High Stability Reference Oscillator
MS2830A-005 Analysis Bandwidth Extension to 31.25 MHz
MS2830A-006 Analysis Bandwidth 10 MHz
MS2830A-077 Analysis Bandwidth Extension to 62.5 MHz (Requires MS2830A-006, 005)
MS2830A-078 Analysis Bandwidth Extension to 125 MHz (Requires MS2830A-006, 005, 077)
MS2830A-008 Preamplifier
MS2830A-010 Phase Noise Measurement Function
MS2830A-011 2ndary HDD
MS2830A-016 Precompliance EMI Function
MS2830A-017 Noise Figure Measurement Function
MS2830A-018 Audio Analyzer
MS2830A-026 BER Measurement Function
MS2830A-066 Low Phase Noise Performance
MS2830A-020 3.6 GHz Vector Signal Generator
MS2830A-021 6 GHz Vector Signal Generator
MS2830A-022 Low Power Extension for Vector Signal Generator
MS2830A-027 ARB Memory Upgrade 256 Msa for Vector Signal Generator
MS2830A-028 AWGN
MS2830A-029 Analog Function Extension for Vector Signal Generator
MS2830A-088 3.6GHz Analog Signal Generator
MS2830A-052 Internal Signal Generator Control Function
Measurement software for Signal Analyzer
MX269010A Mobile WiMAX Measurement Software
MX269011A W-CDMA/HSPA Downlink Measurement Software
MX269012A W-CDMA/HSPA Uplink Measurement Software
MX269013A GSM/EDGE Measurement Software
MX269013A-001 EDGE Evolution Measurement Software
MX269015A TD-SCDMA Measurement Software
MX269017A Vector Modulation Analysis Software
MX269018A Analog Measurement Software
MX269020A LTE Downlink Measurement Software
MX269020A-001 LTE-Advanced FDD Downlink Measurement Software
MX269021A LTE Uplink Measurement Software
MX269021A-001 LTE-Advanced FDD Uplink Measurement Software
MX269022A LTE TDD Downlink Measurement Software
MX269022A-001 LTE-Advanced TDD Downlink Measurement Software
MX269023A LTE TDD Uplink Measurement Software
MX269023A-001 LTE-Advanced TDD Uplink Measurement Software
MX269024A CDMA2000 Forward Link Measurement Software
MX269024A-001 All Measure Function
MX269026A EV-DO Forward Link Measurement Software
MX269026A-001 All Measure Function
MX269028A WLAN (802.11) Measurement Software
MX269028A-001 802.11ac (80 MHz) Measurement Software
MX269030A W-CDMA BS Measurement Software
MX283027A Wireless Network Device Test Software
MX283027A-001 WLAN Test Software
MX283027A-002 Bluetooth Test Software
MX283087A TRX Sweep Calibration
Software for waveform pattern generation for vector signal generator
MX269901A HSDPA/HSUPA IQproducer
MX269902A TDMA IQproducer
MX269904A Multi-Carrier IQproducer
MX269905A Mobile WiMAX IQproducer
MX269908A LTE IQproducer
MX269908A-001 LTE-Advanced FDD Option
MX269910A LTE TDD IQproducer
MX269910A-001 LTE-Advanced TDD Option
MX269911A WLAN IQproducer
MX269911A-001 802.11ac (80 MHz) Option
MX269912A TD-SCDMA IQproducer
Software – Waveform pattern for vector signal generator
MX269970A 1xEV-DO Reverse Receiver Test Waveform Pattern
Warranty service
MS2830A-ES210 2 years Extended Warranty Service
MS2830A-ES310 3 years Extended Warranty Service
MS2830A-ES510 5 years Extended Warranty Service

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