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Anritsu MT1000A Network Master Pro

Anritsu MT1000A Network Master Pro

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Network Master Pro MT1000A

All-in-one portable tester for optical fiber checks and data communications tests
Easy-to-operate 9” color touch screen
Long-term continuous remote testing using VNC

Transport Module (10G)
OTDR Module
CPRI RF Module

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Anritsu MT1000A Network Master Pro

The Network Master Pro MT1000A is a multiplatform portable field tester using a combination of data communications, CPRI Signal Analysis Module and OTDR modules.
It can be customized to support any test need by changing the module configuration.

Optical Fiber I&M
Transmission loss and OTDR measurements
OTDR Module (1310/1550 nm SMF MU100020A,1310/1550/850/1300 nm SMF/MMF MU100021A)
OTDR Module (1310/1550/1625nm SMF MU100022A)
Wavelength and polarization mode dispersion measurements
Fiber end face condition (dust, scratches) inspection (option)

Transport Equipment Installation and Performance Tests
All-in-one transport tester
Supports speeds from 1.5 Mbps to 10 Gbps
Simultaneous dual-port measurement at all rates
WLAN*/Bluetooth*/LAN connections
Test reports in PDF, CSV and XML formats
Remote GUI operation

Mobile Base Station and Antenna Installation
Two SFP ports for CPRI interface
Analysis of RF IQ signal frequency characteristics for CPRI data
Transmission of fixed IQ patterns

Anritsu MT1000A Network Master Pro

Anritsu MT1000A Datablad

Anritsu MT1000A Network Master Pro

MT1000A Network Master Pro

MU100010A 10G Multirate Module

Low Rate

  • MU100010A-001 Up to 2.7G Dual Channel


  • MU100010A-011 Ethernet 10G Single Channel
  • MU100010A-012 Ethernet 10G Dual Channel
  • MU100010A-020 TCP Throughput


  • MU100010A-051 OTN 10G Single Channel
  • MU100010A-052 OTN 10G Dual Channel
  • MU100010A-061 ODU Multiplexing
  • MU100010A-062 ODU Flex


  • MU100010A-071 CPRI/OBSAI Up to 5G Dual Channel
  • MU100010A-072 CPRI/OBSAI 6G to 10G Single Channel
  • MU100010A-073 CPRI/OBSAI 6G to 10G Dual Channel


  • MU100010A-081 STM-64 OC-192 Single Channel
  • MU100010A-082 STM-64 OC-192 Dual Channel

Fiber Channel

  • MU100010A-002 FC 1G 2G 4G Dual Channel
  • MU100010A-091 FC 8G 10G Single Channel
  • MU100010A-092 FC 8G 10G Dual Channel

MU100090A High Performance GPS Disciplined Oscillator

Anritsu MT1000A Network Master Pro

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