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Anritsu S820E Cable & Antenna Analyzer

Anritsu S820E Cable & Antenna Analyzer

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Microwave Site Master Handheld Cable & Antenna Analyzer

Frequency ranges available:

1 MHz – 8 GHz, 14 GHz, 20 GHz, 30 GHz or 40 GHz


Anritsu S820E

  • VNA Mode (option) offers fully reversing 4 S-Parameter measurement capabilities
  • VVM Mode (option) with standard A/B and B/A Ratio capability
  • Optical connector inspection with IEC 61300-3-35 based Pass/Fail standard (requires USB Video Inspection Probe G0306A)
  • 110 dB of dynamic range from 20 MHz 40 GHz
  • 650 s/data point for fast field measurements
  • Advanced and Classic Mode GUI (i.e. S810D/S820D)
  • Coaxial and waveguide measurement supported
  • 1-port measurements: Return Loss, VSWR, Cable Loss, Distance-To-Fault, Smith Chart, 1-port phase
  • 2-port measurements: Transmission Measurement and Swept Cable Loss
  • High Accuracy Power Meter measurements with external power sensors
  • USB/Ethernet connectivity, full remote control capability
  • Intuitive menu-driven 8.4 inch touchscreen with daylight/nighttime viewable modes
  • Field-proven design: Explosive Atmosphere MIL-PRF-28800F Section compliant
  • Standard three-year warranty (battery one-year warranty)

Anritsu S820E

Anritsu S820E Datablad

Anritsu S820E

  • Option 708 1 MHz — 8 GHz, type N(f) ports
  • Option 714 1 MHz — 14 GHz, type N(f) ports
  • Option 720 1 MHz — 20 GHz, type Universal K(m) ports (compatible with 3.5mm & SMA)
  • Option 730 1 MHz — 30 GHz, type Universal K(m) ports (compatible with 3.5mm & SMA)
  • Option 740 1 MHz — 40 GHz, type Universal K(m) ports (compatible with 3.5mm & SMA)
  • Option 440 Vector Network Analyzer Mode: Provides fully reversing sweep, 4 S-Parameter simultaneous measurement capabilities with user configurable quad display. Generates standard industry compatible format S2P files (3 types of S2P files are available). S2P files can be imported into Anritsu benchtop VNA’s (VectorStar™ and ShockLine™) for ease of comparison between field and lab measurements.
  • Option 441 Vector Voltmeter with A/B & B/A Ratio Capability: Provides 1-Port Reflection measurements, 2-Port Transmission measurements, plus A/B or B/A Ratio capability. Does not require any other options to support A/B or B/A measurements. Vector error correction capability for Reflection or Transmission measurements allows absolute DUT measurements to be made. Table display provides convenient measurement of up to 12 devices + 1 reference simultaneously. May be used as a drop-in replacement for traditional Vector Voltmeters when A/B or B/A functionality is required.

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