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Audio Precision APX517B-PDM16-2M Acoustic Analyzer


Audio Precision APX517B-PDM16-2M Acoustic Analyzer

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The APx517B maintains the APx Series’ tradition of flexibility and configurability. In its base configuration, APx517B is a ready-to-go system for measuring analog speakers, microphones, headphones, or headsets.


Audio Precision APX517B-PDM16-2M Acoustic Analyzer

APx517B – An integrated acoustic test system, complete with audio analyzer, power amplifier, headphone amplifier, and
microphone power supply, along with an array of digital interface options
From headphones and headsets to speakers (passive, active, or smart), production line test presents its own set of unique challenges. Requirements include minimal setup or reconfiguration time,  system reliability, and ease of use – all within a very distinct price range.

The APx517B Acoustic Analyzer is engineered with these needs in mind. Manufacturers can deploy an integrated acoustic test system that brings the renowned quality, reliability, and robustness of Audio Precision hardware, paired with the easy-to-use APx software, to their production lines. Combining analyzer, power amplifier, headphone amplifier, and microphone power supply, along with optional digital interfaces, the APx517B has the power to drastically reduce setup, reconfiguration, and calibration time while eliminating the underlying reliability risk of the multiple independent, and individuallysourced, components that make up traditional acoustic production test systems.

Key Features

  • Fast Setup & Reconfiguration
    On a production line, any time spent setting up a new test system, calibrating a system for a new shift, or reconfiguring a system for a change in DUT (device under test), is effectively a “line down” situation. As an integrated system, the APx517B has the power to drastically reduce setup and reconfiguration time by eliminating multiple individual components (from a
    variety of vendors) and their associated cabling. Additionally, and unlike those individual components, the APx517B is uniquely delivered with an accredited ISO/IEC 17025 calibration.
  • Quality & Reliability
    Many current acoustic analysis systems are an assortment of individual components from different vendors. As such, an additional “line down” risk of these systems is the quality and reliability of each component, along with the configuration of each connection point. In contrast, the APx517B is an integrated system engineered and assembled to the same standard as
    all other APx analyzers and is delivered with a three-year warranty and accredited calibration. For 36 years, the equal to AP analyzers’ reputation for performance and measurement accuracy is the long-standing recognition of their quality and reliability
  • Configuration & Options
    The APx517B maintains the APx Series’ tradition of flexibility and configurability. In its base configuration, APx517B is a ready-to-go system for measuring analog speakers, microphones, headphones, or headsets. For digital devices, APx517B has a module slot for the addition of a single APx digital interface module, such as Bluetooth®, PDM or HDMI. On the software
    side, a standard system provides a core set of measurements and functionality to allow out-of-the-box, fundamental test of acoustic devices: File Analysis, Sequence Mode, Input Signal Monitors (including FFT Monitor), Level & Gain, THD+N, Loudspeaker Product Test (including Rub & Buzz), Stepped Frequency Sweep, Pass / Fail, and Signal Acquisition measurement. As with APx500 Flex, a trio of Flex Packs is available, each offering different groups of more advanced measurements. Perceptual audio measurements—including ABC-MRT and POLQA—can likewise be used with the APx517B. Finally, for the user that needs the base configuration plus just one or two more measurements, an à la carte menu of measurements is available.

Audio Precision APx517B Acoustic Analyzer

Audio Precision APx517B Acoustic Analyzer datasheet

Audio Precision APx517B Acoustic Analyzer

APx Digital options

PDM 16
The B Series APx PDM 16 option provides 16 acquisition channels for audio devices that have a PDM output (such as MEMS microphones), connecting through the module’s PDM 16 remote pod. All 16 channels can be measured simultaneously to provide sample-accurate interchannel timing information. With cables available in lengths of 2, 5, and 10 meters, the acoustically  silent remote pod can be placed next to the analyzer or up to 10 meters away, facilitating anechoic chamber testing.

The B Series APx Bluetooth Duo supports A2DP, AVRCP, HFP, and  HSP profi les for comprehensive wireless audio testing. With two integrated radios, APx Bluetooth Duo easily supports source/sink, audio gateway/handsfree, and target/controller profile roles.

Digital Serial
The Digital Serial I/O option adds a multichannel digital serial interface. This provides a direct connection to chip-level interfaces such as I2S and supports all popular serial interface  formats including left justified, right justified, and DSP.

The B Series APx HDMI option (HDMI+ARC) allows you to measure HDMI audio quality and audio format compatibility on devices such as surround sound receivers, set-top boxes, HDTVs, smartphones and tablets, and DVD or Blu-ray Disc™ players.

The APx PDM option provides direct connectivity for audio devices that have a PDM output (such as a MEMS microphone) or input (such as the decimator on a smartphone chip). In  addition to all the standard audio measurements, APx provides variable DC voltage, variable sample rate, and a PSR (Power Supply Rejection) measurement to test the device’s full operating parameters.

The B Series APx DIO option provides AES3, AES/EBU balanced digital I/O on XLR; unbalanced SPDIF digital I/O on BNC; and TOSLINK optical digital I/O.


Part number Description Included measurement
N/A Base Configuration Standard with APx500 Flex: Frequency, Level & Gain, Loudspeaker Production Test (incl. Rub & Buzz), Pass/Fail,
Stepped Frequency Sweep, Signal Acquisition, THD+N.
APX-FLEX-PACK-2 Flex Pack 2 Includes the following measurements:
Crosstalk, Crosstalk Sweeps, DC Level, DC Level Sweep, DUT Delay,
Frequency Response, Interchannel Phase, Level Ratio, Measurement Recorder,
Noise, Noise Recorder, Q-Peak Noise, SNR, SINAD, Stepped Level Sweep.
APX-FLEX-PACK-3 Flex Pack 3 Includes the following measurements:
Continuous Sweep, Digital Error Rate, Dynamic Range–AES17, IMD,
IMD Frequency Sweep, IMD Level Sweep, Input Sample Rate,
Maximum Output, Maximum Output (CEA–2006), Multitone Analyzer,
Regulated Frequency Sweep, Signal Analyzer.
APX-FLEX-PACK-4 Flex Pack 4 Includes the following measurements:
Acoustic Response, Bandpass Frequency Sweep, Bandpass Level,
Bandpass Level Sweep, Cumulative Spectral Decay, Impedance/Thiele-Small,
Modulated Noise, Polar Plots, Transfer Function.


ABC-MRT Frequency Response Noise Recorder
Acoustic Response IMD Pass/Fail*
Bandpass Frequency Sweep IMD Level Sweep PESQ
Bandpass Level IMD Frequency Sweeps Polar Plots
Bandpass Level Sweep Impedance/Thiele-Small POLQA
Crosstalk Sweep, 1 Channel Driven Input Sample Rate Q-peak Noise
Crosstalk Sweep, 1 Channel Undriven Interchannel Phase Regulated Frequency Sweep
Crosstalk, 1 Channel Driven Level & Gain* Signal Acquisition*
Crosstalk, 1 Channel Undriven Level Ratio Signal Analyzer
Crosstalk, Custom Measurement Loudspeaker Production Test* SNR
DC Level Maximum Output Level SINAD
DC Level Sweep Maximum Output per CEA-2006 Stepped Frequency Sweep
Digital Error Rate Measurement Recorder Stepped Level Sweep*
Dynamic Range (AEX17) Modulated Noise STI
DUT Delay Multitone Analysis THD+N*
Frequency* Noise Transfer Function

* These measurements are included in the base configuration


SW-MAINT-1/3/5 Software Maintenance Provides 1, 3, or 5 years of software maintenance for an existing APx Legacy or B Series audio analyzer.
SW-EXT-3/5 Software Maintenance Provides 2 or 4 additional years of software maintenance with the purchase of a new APx B Series analyzer.

Audio Precision APx517B Acoustic Analyzer

Audio Precision APx517B & Headphone Test Setup

Audio Precision APx517B & Bluetooth Headphone Test Setup

Audio Precision APx517B & Speaker Test Setup

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