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EM TEST RCB200 LF Signal Generator

EM TEST RCB200 LF Signal Generator

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RCB200 Simulator for low frequencies 10 Hz – 250 kHz

  • Most compact equipment for ripple noise on ac/dc supplies and magnetic fields
  • Built-in LF signal generator
  • Built-in LF amplifier
  • Built-in LF transformer 2:1
  • Built-in frequency-selective voltage and current meter

EM TEST RCB200 LF Signal Generator

RCB200 – Generation of relay switching transients

This RCB 200 relay switch box has been designed by EM TEST to offer a high-quality solution for customers testing according to ES-XW7T-1A278-AC Ford specification.

Three function keys permit to operate the unit, to select the test pulses and test modes.
– TEST allows to start and to stop the test
– PULSE allows to select the pulse
– MODE allows to select the mode for Pulse A1, A2, B1, B2 and C
LEDs indicated the selected pulse and mode.

EM TEST RCB200 LF Signal Generator

EM TEST RCB200 Datasheet

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