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Hioki MR8791 Pulse Generator Unit

Hioki MR8791 Pulse Generator Unit

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Pulse Generator Input Module for Control Simulation Testing

Hioki MR8790 Pulse Generator Unit

The Pulse Generator Unit MR8791 is a plug-and-play module for Hioki Memory HiCorders to conduct control simulation testing of control boards on equipment such as engine, airbags, brake systems, and power steering.

Key Features

• Output pulse waves, pattern waves up to 8 channels per unit (output signals of TTL level, or open-collector)

• For use with Hioki Memory HiCorder series (cannot use with 8847 or MR8847)

• Isolated between unit and output (Not isolated between each channel (common ground))

Hioki MR8791 Pulse Generator Unit

Hioki MR87901 Pulse Generator Unit datasheet

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