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Keithley 2450-EC 200V, 1A, 20W SourceMeter

Keithley 2450-EC 200V, 1A, 20W SourceMeter

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  • Lower cost alternative to potentiostats
  • Perform Cyclic, Squarewave, or Galvanic Voltammetry, Chronoamperometry, and Chronopotentiometry
  • Simplified user interface for faster test setup and analysis of results
  • Real-time plotting of voltammograms on the front panel
  • Analytical graph cursors for immediate analysis of results without the need for a PC
  • Create libraries of reusable, customizable experimental software with built-in open source scripting
  • Screen capture function allows copying test results from the display to reports
  • 10nV and 10fA measurement sensitivity
  • Front panel input banana jacks; rear panel input triaxial connections
  • Context-sensitive help function minimizes learning

Keithley 2450-EC Electrochemistry Lab System

2450-EC a low cost alternative to the potentiostat.

While potentiostats are excellent instruments for electrochemistry applications, they typically lack any front panel display and control knobs, often are 2-quadrant systems only, and must be completely controlled by a computer with software that is not always open for users to customize tests beyond what the software can do. Keithley’s 2450-EC is a smart alternative as a DC/low frequency potentiostat. It has features that, in many cases, can perform as well as a potentiostat at lower cost including a wide range of voltages and currents for sourcing or measuring, nV / fA sensitivities, and high impedance sense leads with a typical input resistance
of 50G ohms and only 1pA of input bias current, typically acceptable with a wide variety of reference electrodes. The 2450-EC can run internal application test scripts so electrochemistry meaurements can be run without the use of an external computer. Results (graphs) are immediately displayed right on the instrument front panel touchscreen. Connecting it to a 2-, 3-, or 4-electrode cell to perform the same tests as a potentiostat is simple with the included translation cable.

Keithley 2450-EC Electrochemistry Lab System

Keithley 2450-EC Datasheet

Performing Cyclic Voltammetry Measurements Using 2450-EC or 2460-EC Electrochemistry Lab Systems

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