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Keithley S46/S46T RF Microwave Switch Systems

Keithley S46/S46T RF Microwave Switch Systems

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  • Built-in contact closure counter
  • Relays can be easily added to the system
  • 32 control channels can be operated via GPIB with a minimal set of instructions
  • Front panel LEDs
  • Channel characterization data storage
  • Frequency ranges up to 40GHz
  • Available accessories include low-loss, semi-flexible RF cables

Keithley S46/S46T RF Microwave Switch Systems

S46 and S46T Microwave Switch Systems are designed to simplify the automated switching needed to test a wide range of RF and telecommunication products and devices. The S46 can control 32 relay contacts in a package as small as a 2U high (3.5 in) full-rack enclosure. Choose the System 46T if your application requires a terminated configuration. It builds on the design technology of the unterminated System 46. The System 46T accommodates up to eight terminated SPDT coaxial microwave relays and four terminated multi-pole coaxial microwave relays.

Keithley S46/S46T RF Microwave Switch Systems



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