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Kikusui PXB Series Bidirectional DC Power Supplies

Kikusui PXB Series Bidirectional DC Power Supplies

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  • Ultra-compact: 20 kW in a single 3U size frame.
  • It can handle not only high voltages of 1500V but also has both power and regenerative modes.
  • Guarantees optimal operation at any stage of research, development, and manufacturing.

Kikusui PXB Series Bidirectional DC Power Supplies

High power in a more compact design!

  • 20kW
  • Maximum voltage:1500V
  • 3U(132mm)

Up to 20 kW output in a 3U size!

Space-saving design and high output capacity.


Bidirectional, allowing for controllable output and input!

Set any operation pattern. Multi-functional power supply and regenerative electronic load are integrated into a single unit. For example, a single device can simulate a rechargeable battery’s charging and discharging patterns.


Full power at any input!

Maximum power and output regardless of input voltage. You can choose between three-phase 200V and 400V input voltages. Output is not limited by any input voltage.


Reliable performance even under high temperatures!

The operating temperature ranges from 0℃ to 50℃.

Full performance even in the harsh ambient temperature environment.


Highly efficient design!

Large capacity and high performance but energy-saving!

An efficiency of 85% or higher, power factor of 0.97 typ. and power regeneration mode as standard features. Energy consumption can be reduced, especially in tests that require an extended operation, such as aging.



Multiple responses speeds to choose from!

The required power supply response time varies depending on the test conditions and load specifications. The response speed of the Kikusui PXB Series power supply can be changed to suit different applications.

  • Responses: FAST /SLOW
  • Slew rate: 1/1, 1/10, 1/100, 1/1000


  • Ultra-compact: 20kW in a single 3U size frame.
  • label Maximum voltage: Supports high voltages of 1500V
  • labelBidirectional output: Source and Sink in a single unit!
  • Increased capacity suitable for testing batteries, inverters, etc.
  • label100% full output, whether the AC input voltage is 200 V or 400 V.
  • labelOperating modes* : CV (constant voltage)/CC (constant current)/ CP (constant power) *Priority setting available
  • labelParallel operation up to 10 units(200kW)
  • labelEquipped with an intuitive touch panel.
  • labelDigital I/O: Customizable control items (5 inputs, 6 outputs)

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Kikusui PXB Series Bidirectional DC Power Supplies







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