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Orolia GSG-7 Advanced GNSS Simulator

Orolia GSG-7 Advanced GNSS Simulator

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  • Small size – 2U Rack-Mountable or Bench Top
  • All MF/MC Signals via Composite Port
  • Flexible software defined platform
  • Includes all GNSS constellations
  • Robust, integrated automation
  • 1000Hz simulation iteration rate
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Orolia GSG-7 Advanced GNSS Simulator

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The Orolia GSG-7 features high-end performance with a 1000 Hz simulation iteration rate, high dynamics, real-time synchronization, and simulation of all-in-view satellite signals.

The GSG-7 is ideal for development and integration projects that require high performance and an increased number of constellation licenses and satellites in view for a single antenna or trajectory.

GSG-7 supports multi-constellation and multifrequency GNSS simulations. Powered by our industry-leading Skydel simulation engine, GSG-7 can be programmed to simulate operations with all current and future GNSS signals.

GSG-7 can also incorporate proprietary signals with a comprehensive SDK, which allows the generation of even the most sensitive signals.

GSG-7: High Capability. Software-defined

GSG-7 is revolutionizing the GNSS simulation industry with its easy-to-use, advanced simulation capabilities, extraordinary flexibility and rapid development cycles. Using the robust and innovative 1000Hz Skydel software engine and commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) software-defined radios (SDRs), GSG-7 easily outperforms the competition. It can accommodate nearly any configuration to conduct system testing and simulation.

The SDR format means that maintenance and customization are not only easier, but more affordable than other options on the market. The GSG-7 delivers precision and performance for your critical programs. Orolia ensures reliability and can help accelerate your system’s time to market or deployment.

Powerful Automation

The unique and modern architecture of the Skydel simulation engine provides an extensive application program interface (API) to configure and control all aspects of the simulator.

The open-source client API is available in a wide range of programming languages such as Python, C#, C++ and LabVIEW. Moreover, all human and machine interactions with the simulator can be recorded and exported as executable python scripts, which greatly simplifies the work of test engineers who want to automate or expand the simulator’s capabilities.

Scalable Platform

Use the GSG-7 alone or in combination with other Skydel-powered simulators like the GSG-8 or Wavefront and Anechoic test solutions. The consistency of Skydel software between solutions ensures the portability of scenarios across systems.

Advanced Hardware-in-the-Loop

Advanced HIL was designed to dramatically reduce the GSG-7’s integration time within a complex environment. With a simple, yet powerful API, built-in performance monitoring tools, and an industry-leading zeroeffective latency, the GSG-7 ensures the best performance in even the most stringent applications.

Orolia GSG-7

Orolia GSG-7 Advanced GNSS Simulator

Orolia GSG-7 Datasheet

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