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Pendulum DA-36 Distribution Amplifier

Pendulum DA-36 Distribution Amplifier

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• Low-noise and long-distance distribution of reference frequencies

• Drive up to 2 km of optical fi ber

• Eliminate ground current loop


• Low-loss distribution

• No noise and interference pick-up

• Easy to install – fl exible, lightweight

and small-diameter cable

• EMP-proof

• Flexible solution

• Economical solution

• RF  FO conversion and FO  RF conversion

Pendulum DA-36 Distribution Amplifier

The Distribution Amplifier DA-36 solves the problem of distributing a reference frequency from a central frequency standard to one or several receiving points.

It offers frequency distribution via optical fiber, or coax cable, with minimal jitter and is designed for reference signals of 10 MHz (sine). The distribution is completely analog, without the use of PLLs or other types of frequency recovery circuits that may introduce jitter or wander. The signal is reconstructed with the help of a narrow-band, high-Q filter, which heavily suppresses noise and distortion.

Advantages of Using Fiber Optics ​

By using a fiber optic cable as the transmitting medium, a galvanic isolation is created between the transmitting element and the receiving element, which totally eliminates ground current loops – a common problem with coax distribution systems. The fiber is insensitive to crosstalk and ESD, and will not pick up any noise or inteference like long-line coax cables do. Optical fibers are easy to install, with their small diameter and highly flexible structure, compared to expensive, bulky and stiff low-loss coax cables.

Pendulum DA-36 Distribution Amplifier


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