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Pendulum FDA-301 Frequency Distribution Amplifier

Pendulum FDA-301 Frequency Distribution Amplifier

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  • Multiple signal type inputs, multiple modular outputs
  • Fiber and coax distribution
  • Distribute reference frequency 10 MHz
  • Distribute 1-pps and IRIG (DCLS) and more
  • Input signal redundancy with auto-change-over

Pendulum FDA-301 Frequency Distribution Amplifier

The Pendulum Frequency Distribution Amplifiers, FDA-301 and DA-36, offer an economical solution to low-jitter and long-range distribution of Frequency Reference and/or Time Synchronization Signals. Both models use coax cables for local distribution and optical fibers for remote distribution, giving the following benefits for fiber:

  • Distribution of reference frequencies up to 2 km
  • Galvanic isolation, eliminate ground current loop problems
  • Low-loss distribution
  • No crosstalk, no electromagnetic noise and interference pick-up
  • Easy to install – flexible, lightweight and small-diameter optical fiber
  • EMP-proof
  • RF-to-FO conversion and FO-to-RF conversion


The versatile and modular FDA-301 can distribute the following signal types from a central source to up to 18 remote sites (point-to-multipoint)

  • Sine reference frequency, default 10 MHz
  • Pulse signals, for example 1-pps and unmodulated IRIG (DCLS)
  • Serial Time-of-Day messages (NMEA or user defined code)
  • Telecom sync signals (E1/T1 clock/data, 2.048/1.544 MHz/Mbps)


The small and low-cost DA-36 can distribute a sine reference frequency to 1 remote site (point-to-point).


The DA-36 will interface directly to FDA-301, and FDA-301 can be a drop-in replacement in current DA-36 (or legacy DA-35) networks. A distribution system can be designed with a mix of DA-36 and FDA-301, for example distribution to only one remote site (DA-36), with several local user (FDA-301).


Differences between the DA-36 and the FDA-301:

 Model no.  FDA-301  DA-36 
Distribute sine frequency  yes  yes
Distribute pulses (1-pps, IRIG)  yes   –
Distribute Serial Time-of-Day  yes   –
Distribute E1/T1 clock/data  yes   –
Fiber/coax input 10MHz  yes/yes  yes/yes
Auto change-over 10MHz input  yes  yes
Coax outputs 10MHz*  4 / 8 / 12  4
Fiber outputs 10MHz*  6 / 12 / 18  1
DC power option  yes   –

* The number of outputs can be multiplied via cascading FDA-301 or DA-36


The lower cost DA-36 is an excellent electrical to optical converter, optical to electrical converter and point-to-point distribution amplifier for reference frequency. The versatile and modular FDA-301 offers excellent point-to-multi-point distribution of a variety of signal types.

Pendulum FDA-301 Frequency Distribution Amplifier

Pendulum FDA-301 Datasheet


X = Input options
Y = Power options
Z = Output options (3 slots)
X=1: 10 MHz only
X=2: 10 MHz + pulse
X=3: 10 MHz + ToD
X=4: 10 MHz + E1 clock & data
X=5: 10 MHz + pulse + ToD
X=6: 10 MHz + pulse + E1 clock & data
X=7: 10 MHz + ToD + E1 clock & data
X=7: 10 MHz + pulse + ToD + E1 clock & data
Y=1: AC power
Y=2: AC + DC power
Z=0: module not installed
Z=1: 4x 10 MHz coax
Z=2: 6x 10 MHz fi ber
Z=3: 4x pulse coax
Z=4: 6x pulse fi ber
Z=5: 4x ToD electrical
Z=6: 2x 2.048 MHz + 2x 2.048 Mbps coax
Z=7: 3x 2.048 MHz + 3x 2.048 Mbps fi ber

Example: FDA-301/11021 = FDA-301 with 10 MHz inputs only (X), no DC option (Y) plus one
empty output slot, one 6x 10 MHz fi ber output, and one 4x 10 MHz coax output (ZZZ).

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