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Safran BroadShield GPS Jamming and Spoofing Detection Software

Safran BroadShield GPS Jamming and Spoofing Detection Software

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  • GNSS Simulators
  • Anomalies in the GPS Data
  • Data inconsistencies
  • Jumps in position and time

Safran BroadShield GPS Jamming and Spoofing Detection Software

PNT systems are designed to provide accurate position and time while in uninterrupted or uncontested environments. However, while in these interrupted or contested environments, most PNT systems are unable to reliably provide position and time data because they are unable to recognized what is causing the disruption. Safran BroadShield is a software library consisting of many patented algorithms designed to detect jamming and spoofing then immediately report the disruption to the PNT system. Leveraging this information enables the PNT system to take action to mitigate and protect from the jamming or spoofing.

Trusted Algorithms

Have trust in your products PNT solutions knowing that Safran BroadShield algorithms have been rigorously tested and field proven for over a decade. Our detection capabilities are regularly updated to conform to new and emerging threats. Our software works with many commercially available GPS receivers and runs on nearly any operating system. With the flexibility of converting our BroadShield algorithms into most major programming languages, no product is out of the question.

We’ll work with you

Integrate our software into your product without requiring additional hardware. What is needed for integration?

  1. A GPS receiver that can provide raw GPS NAV data to our software (our team will help to evaluate which receivers may be supported).
  2. A processing unit to run the BroadShield algorithm
  3. Integration support — work with our team to make it successful

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Safran BroadShield GPS Jamming and Spoofing Detection Software


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