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Safran BroadSim Solo Simulator

Safran BroadSim Solo Simulator

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  • Simulate AES M-Code
  • Advanced Jamming
  • Live Sky Time Synchronization
  • One-the-fly scenario reconfiguration
  • 6 DoF receiver trajectories
  • Flexible licensing & upgradability
  • high dynamic motion
  • Simulate hundreds of satellites in real time
  • Differential GNSS
  • Multi-vehicle simulation (Real-Time Kinematics – RTK)
  • API
  • Scalable architecture using Software Defined Radios – SDRS
  • RF GNSS signal generation
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Safran BroadSim Solo Simulator

Powered by Safran’s Skydel GNSS simulator engine, Safran BroadSim Solo shares the same software-defined benefits are the rest of the Safran BroadSim family such as the ability to simulate multiple constellations including AES M-Code, an intuitive user interface, high-dynamics, innovative features and ultra-low latency in a compact form.

Orolia Defense & Security’s Safran BroadSim Solo was developed to simplify the creation of advanced jamming scenarios. Safran BroadSim Solo supports high dynamics and jamming. Powered by Orolia’s Skydel GNSS simulator
engine, Safran BroadSim Solo is able to simultaneously simulate multiple constellations including: GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, Beidou, QZSS, NavIC, SBAS. With high-performing hardware, a robust and innovative software engine, and an intuitive user interface; Safran BroadSim Solo outperforms and exceeds features offered by the competition.


  • Operating System: Custom Linux for security and performance
  • Signals
    • GPS Codes:
      • Open: L1-C/A, L1C, L1-P, L2-P, L2C, L5
      • Encrypted: L1-M-AES, L2-M-AES
    • GLONASS: G1, G2
    • BeiDou: B1, B1C, B2, B2A
    • Galileo: E1, E5A, E5B, E5 AltBOC, E6
    • QZSS: L1-C/A, L1C, L1S, L5, L5S
    • Alternative RF Navigation


Encrypted Military Signals

The ability to generate military and multi-[1]constellation signals on COTS hardware maximizes scalability, value, and time to market. Safran BroadSim Solo shares the same software-defined benefits as the rest of the Safran BroadSim family such as the ability to simulate multiple constellations including AES M-Code.


Powerful Automation

The unique and modern architecture of its Skydel Simulation engine provides an extensive API to configure and control all aspects of the simulator. The API is available in various programming languages such as Python, C#, C++ and LabVIEW. Moreover, all human and machine interactions with the simulator can be recorded and exported as executable python script, which greatly simplifies the work of test engineers who want to automate or expand the simulator capabilities.


Satellite Simulation Made Easy

Simulate hundreds of satellites and satellite signals in real-time. Control every aspect of your simulation: the number of satellites, the strength of the transmitted signals, atmospheric conditions and more. Powered by Skydel software, our simulators help you recreate real satellite signals and broadcast them straight to your receiver device. This allows you to test how your receiver device will react in the real world – based on the exact parameters that you set.


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