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Safran EC20S Epsilon Clock

Safran EC20S Epsilon Clock

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  • High-Performance GPS/GALILEO/GLONASS clock
  • 32-channel multi-GNSS receiver
  • High time and frequency accuracy, even if GNSS is lost
  • Low phase noise oscillators
  • 1PPS/NMEA External Reference
  • High output port density:
  • Up to 10 x 1 PPS TTL outputs
  • Up to 10 x 10 MHz sine wave, low phase noise outputs
  • Network management based on Web User Interface and SNMP
  • NTP Stratum 1 support & NMEA Time Code RS232 Output

Safran EC20S Epsilon Clock

High-Performance GPS/GALILEO/GLONASS Clock Designed to Exceed Digital TV, Digital Radio, 4G Base Stations, Satcom Time and Frequency Synchronization Requirements

The Safran Epsilon Clock Model EC20S provides accurate and stable time and frequency signals for your high-performance synchronization application. The unit’s optimized architecture is well-suited to transmitter synchronization of digital broadcast signals (DVB-T/T2, T-DMB, DAB or DRM) in Single Frequency Networks (SFN) modes: The high port density allows to synchronize up to 10 emitters simultaneously on the same site.

It is also ideal for 4G or 4G advanced base stations synchronization, because it meets stringent requirements for absolute time accuracy as well as frequency stability.

Now, using a recent GNSS receiver, Epsilon Clock Model EC20S can receive GPS and/or Galileo and Glonass satellites, which increases the probability of having the right number of satellites in view, and decreases the probability of being jammed. This receiver also includes Timing Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring (T-RAIM) to help preventing spoofing.

The Safran EC20S is available either with an OCXO (oven-controlled quartz oscillator) or Rubidium (atomic clock) internal timebase, so it can maintain its timescale as close as possible to UTC, even during GNSS shortage (holdover capability). It supports a 1 PPS reference from an external source to discipline the internal oscillator if GNSS reception is lost.

It provides extensive network management functions, including status monitoring, configuration, software update, event log, alarms management. These functions are accessible via a web user interface (manual operation) and via SNMP (automated operations through a network management system). Safran EC20S embeds a simple NTP v3/ v4 server to provide timing to network devices.

Thanks to the combination of Epsilon Clock EC20S and Epsilon SAS17E or SAS36E, it is possible to build high reliability, redundant synchronization architectures, with even more time and frequency outputs, while keeping network management consistency between EC20S and SAS17/36E.


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Safran EC20S Epsilon Clock


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