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Safran WRS-LJ White Rabbit Switch Low Jitter

Safran WRS-LJ White Rabbit Switch Low Jitter

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  • Sub-nanosecond time accuracy
  • 18 SFP 1GbE ports
  • Time and frequency distribution
  • Distance range over 100km in 1-hop
  • Remote monitoring
  • Improved clocking design in HW and FPGA
  • Cleaner and more accurate 1PPS output.
  • Improved clock jitter and phase noise
  • Lower power consumption and better thermic dissipation
  • High reliability and improved MTFB

Safran WRS-LJ White Rabbit Switch Low Jitter

The Safran WRS-LJ is a new version of the White Rabbit Switch which counts with a series of improvements that enable its use in more demanding time and frequency distribution applications. The Safran WRS-LJ distributes Time and Frequency within sub-nanosecond accuracy to thousands of nodes through standard optical fiber, providing very low noise and accurate timing outputs.

The Safran WRS-LJ provides deterministic delivery and a reliable communication. Currently, highly demanding industrial and scientific facilities in more than fourteen countries are already using WR Switches for time-critical applications.

Enhanced Monitoring

SNMP set of data is provided, containing information about the timing and the general status of the devices, to be integrated with the most used tools for management and data visualization, i.e. Icinga or Graphana.

Lower Power Consumption

The hardware of the standard WRS has been redesigned in order achieve a better thermic dissipation and reduce the power consumption of the device. The new design provides high reliability and an improved MTFB.

Improved Frequency Stability

The measurements of frequency stability in terms of phase noise performance and Allan Deviation (ADEV) show a significant improvement with respect to the standard White Rabbit Switch (see the comparison in the figures below).



  • Size: 447 mm x 44 mm x 223 mm
  • Power Input: 100-240VAC, 2.0A 50-60 Hz
  • Power Output: 12V DC, 6.66A – 80W max
  • Certifications: ISO-9001, ISO-14001, CE, RoHS,FCC,SE
  • Environmental Conditions
    • Temperature: -10ºC ~ +50ºC
    • Humidity: 0% ~ 90% RH
  • Timing Protocols / Interfaces
    • White Rabbit: Supported on 18xSFP ports
    • IEEE1588-
    • 2008 (PTP):
    • Default profile (layer 2) supported on 18xSFP ports
    • NTP: v2, v3 & v4 supported in Ethernet interfaces.


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Safran WRS-LJ White Rabbit Switch Low Jitter


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