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SealevelISO-16.PCIePCI Express

SealevelISO-16.PCIePCI Express

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PCI Express

The 8006e PCI Express digital I/O interface provides 16 optically isolated inputs for connection to devices including sensors, switches, pushbuttons, and other user inputs. The inputs can sense both AC and DC voltage while providing optical isolation, which eliminates spikes and surges present in industrial environments. The board is PCI Express X1 compliant and is compatible with any PCI Express slot.

The inputs on the 8006e are rated for 3-13V. For 10-30V inputs, order the 8006He.

Sealevel SeaIO Classic software drivers and utilities make installation and operation of the 8006e easy using Microsoft Windows operating systems.

Get a jump start on your digital I/O development with The Digital I/O Handbook that will provide helpful information that you will use again and again. Check out Chapter 1 for an overview of logic principles.

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