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SealevelPIO-48.PCIPCI 48 Channel Digital I/O

SealevelPIO-48.PCIPCI 48 Channel Digital I/O

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PCI 48 Channel Digital I/O

The 8005 digital I/O interface provides 48 channels of buffered drive digital I/O emulating 8255 mode zero, which can be utilized for PC based control and automation of equipment including sensors, switches, security control systems, and other industrial automation systems. 10K pull-up resistors are included. Optional values are available.

The PIO-48.PCI digital I/O interface board contains 6 groups of eight-bit I/O ports, configurable as inputs or outputs to suit the automation task.

Sealevel’s SeaIO Classic software drivers and utilities make installation and operation easy using Microsoft Windows operating systems.

Get a jump start on your digital I/O development with The Digital I/O Handbook that will provide helpful information that you will use again and again. Check out Chapter 1 for an overview of logic principles.

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