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SealevelSeaLINK PIO-48USB 48 Channel Digital I/O

SealevelSeaLINK PIO-48USB 48 Channel Digital I/O

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USB 48 Channel Digital I/O

This product is classified as legacy and will be supported with limited, available inventory. Call for current pricing and product availability.

Sealevel will support legacy products through technical and warranty support, software drivers and product manuals. Please contact Sales for further information. For new product designs, we recommend the SeaI/O-462U.

The SeaLINK® 8203FX USB digital I/O interface adapter provides 48 channels of buffered drive digital I/O. Connect one or two industry-standard relay racks for PC based control and automation of equipment including sensors, switches, security control systems and other industrial automation systems.

The 8203FX digital I/O interface adapter contains six groups of eight-bit I/O ports, configurable as inputs or outputs to suit the automation task. The mode of each of the ports is user selectable as inputs or outputs by simply writing a control word to the port register. This gives the user the ability to customize the combination of inputs and outputs as needed. Two 50-pin headers provide the interfaces to industry-standard relay racks and terminal blocks.

Sealevel’s SeaIO Classic software drivers and utilities make installation and operation easy using Microsoft Windows operating systems.

To simplify installation and configuration, a printed copy of the USB Digital I/O QuickStart Guide is included with all USB Digital I/O orders.

Important: This product is not supported on systems with USB 3.x ports, regardless of the speed of the USB port it is connected to. If you are a previous customer of non-FX SeaLINK digital I/O adapters, you must update your SeaIO driver for proper operation of this 8203FX module. Please read this Support Article for details.

Get a jump start on your digital I/O development with The Digital I/O Handbook that will provide helpful information that you will use again and again. Check out Chapter 1 for an overview of logic principles.

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