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SealevelULTRA COMM+2.422PCI 2 Port RS-422/485

SealevelULTRA COMM+2.422PCI 2 Port RS-422/485

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PCI 2 Port RS-422/485

The 7204 PCI serial interface provides two serial ports, each individually configurable for RS-422 or RS-485. The board is capable of data rates to 460.8K bps and automatically handles RS-485 transmitter enable/disable. The 7204 utilizes 16C850 UARTs that provide 128-byte Tx/Rx FIFOs. Ordering options allow the choice of UARTs with support for custom baud rates and 9-bit protocols.

Sealevel’s SeaCOM software makes installation and operation easy using Microsoft Windows and Linux operating systems.

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