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Tektronix DPO72304DX Oscilloscope

Tektronix DPO72304DX Oscilloscope

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Tektronix DPO72304DX Key features:

  • Superior signal integrity and excellent signal-to-noise ratio – observe the truest representation of your waveform
  • Pinpoint® triggering – minimize time spent trying to acquire problem signals for efficient troubleshooting and shortened debug time
  • Visual Trigger – precisely qualify triggers and find unique events in complex waveforms
  • Search and Mark – provides waveform or serial bus pattern matching and software triggers for signals of interest
  • Automated Serial Analysis options for PCI Express, 8b/10b encoded serial data, I2C, SPI, CAN, LIN, FlexRay, RS-232/422/485/UART, USB 2.0, HSIC, MIL-STD-1553B, and MIPI® D-PHY and M-PHY
  • P7600 and P7500 TriMode™ probing system – perfectly matched signal connectivity
  • P6780, P6750, and P6717A high-performance 17-channel logic probes with bandwidths up to 2.5 GHz for connections to today’s fast digital signals (MSO70000 Series only)
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Tektronix DPO72304DX Oscilloscope

The Tektronix DPO72304DX is one of the most advanced oscilloscopes in its class – enabling today’s engineer to see signals better with minimal noise, debug signal anomalies faster and utilize measurement and analysis tools for automated compliance testing and other verifications. In addition, the MSO/DPO70000 is perfect for analog/digital design and debug, data communications and high-speed serial communications. See how you can use the MSO/DPO70000 for your next project to find and analyze a wide range of mixed-signal anomalies.

See your real signal

Industry-leading signal fidelity, minimum noise and highest effective number of bits (ENOB) provides confidence you are seeing your real signal and measuring it precisely. High signal-to-noise ratio and low internal noise floor enable you to perform precise characterization of your designs.


Reduce debug time

From first power-on through operational checks, MSO/DPO70000 Series provides features you need to find problems fast. An industry-leading waveform capture rate and Pinpoint® triggering make you efficient at tracking down and capturing intermittent faults.


Measurement and analysis tools that keep you on track

Application support packages provide automated compliance testing, insightful debugging tools and the extensive signal connection options you need to verify and certify your latest design.


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Tektronix DPO72304DX Oscilloscope

Tektronix DPO-DSA-MSO70000 Datasheet

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23 GHz


4 Channels

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