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Tektronix P5100A Active Probes

Tektronix P5100A Active Probes

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  • DC to 500 MHz
  • 2500 VPeak, 1000 VRMS CAT II
  • 100X with readout coding
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Tektronix P5100A Active Probes

The Tektronix P5100A is a low input capacitance, high-voltage probe (2.5 kV) designed for higher-frequency applications. The probe can be compensated to match plug-ins and oscilloscopes with nominal input capacitances of 7-30 pF. A variety of screw-on accessories provide easy connection to the device-under-test.

A high voltage single-ended probe is typically used for measuring ground referenced signals up to 40 kV. However, some single-ended probes are designed for oscilloscopes with isolated or floating inputs for measurements that are not ground referenced. Users should select probes with a low input capacitance specification (< 4 pF) to minimize the probe’s loading effect on the circuit because a probe with lower input capacitance will offer higher input impedance at higher frequencies.

Safe high voltage probe solutions for ground-referenced voltage testing. It is critical to safely and accurately capture real-time signal information from “elevated” or “floating” voltage systems. Our portfolio of high voltage probes provides the safety you need for single-ended, differential or isolated measurements.

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Tektronix P5100A Active Probes

Tektronix P5100A + TPP0850 + P5122 + P5150 + P6015A Datasheet

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