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Tektronix P5202A HV Diff. Probe

Tektronix P5202A HV Diff. Probe

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  • Attenuation:
    20X / 200X
  • Bandwidth:
    100 MHz
  • Input Impedance:
    5 MΩ || 2 pF
  • Maximum Voltage:
    200X: ± 640 V
    20X: ± 64 V

Tektronix P5202A HV Diff. Probe

The Tektronix P5202A and TMDP0200 are designed for medium-voltage applications with differential requirements up to ±750 V. These probes have lower attenuation ranges and offer better signal-to-noise ratio.

A high voltage differential probe is used for measuring the voltage difference between two test points where neither test point is at ground.  High voltage differential probes from Tektronix can be used for signals up to 6000 V.  These probes are the best choice for making non-ground referenced, floating or isolated measurements in large part due to their common mode rejection capability.

Connectivity options

The TMDP and THDP Series probes are equipped with the TekVPI® interface which allows smart communication between the oscilloscope and probe. Pushing the probe menu button will launch the probe control menu on the oscilloscope display providing access to all relevant probe settings and controls. These probes are designed to operate on TekVPI® oscilloscopes without requiring the TPA-BNC adapter. The P52xxA Series probes are equipped with the Tektronix TekProbe® interface which communicates scale information to the oscilloscope. Direct connections can be made to oscilloscopes configured with the TekProbe® interface or to any oscilloscope when used with the 1103 TekProbe® Power Supply.

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Tektronix P5202A HV Diff. Probe

Tektronix P5202A Datasheet

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