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Tektronix P7513A diff. Probe

Tektronix P7513A diff. Probe

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  • Bandwidth: >13 GHz
  • Input Impedance: 100 kΩ
  • Attenuation: 5X / 12.5X
  • Maximum Voltage: ±15 V (DC + pk AC)

Tektronix P7513A diff. Probe

The Tektronix P7513A is a 13 GHz differential probe

Differential signaling used in high speed serial standards requires very accurate characterization. The industry-leading bandwidth and signal fidelity found in a Tektronix low voltage differential oscilloscope probe ensures that you see every possible detail. Tektronix offers TriMode™ architecture which streamlines measurement acquisition by enabling you to make differential, single-ended, and common mode measurements with a single connection

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Before TriMode™: 1 probe for differential; 2 probes for SE and common mode; or 1 probe soldered and resoldered 3 times; 2 probes for common mode.

One-probe setup makes differential, single ended, and common mode measurements accurately and definitively.

Tektronix is a known leader when it comes to signal fidelity and signal acquisition. Building on our history of market-leading innovations in probing, we invented a revolutionary probing architecture called “TriMode™ Probing” that defines the next-generation industry benchmark for usability and signal fidelity. This architecture changes the rules of probing and allows you to work more effectively and efficiently. By enabling unique functionality, the P7500 Series TriMode™ probes allow you to switch between differential, single ended, and common mode measurements without moving the probe from its connection points.

Improved productivity is achieved by reducing setup time. One setup can be used to make the three different types of measurements all with the press of a button. The TriMode™ Probe architecture for the P7500 Series probes continues the Tektronix tradition of high-bandwidth and low-DUT loading while providing improved connectivity and value.


After TriMode™ (P75TLRST): 1 probe for differential, single ended, and common mode, with only 1 setup required.

Connectivity plus, solder down, hand-held, fixtured

The P7500 Series TriMode™ probe architecture offers various levels of connectivity and provides the highest probe fidelity available for real-time oscilloscopes. The multipoint connectivity solutions of the P7500 Series include:


TriMode™ Performance Solder Tip: The highest-performance solder tip. Up to 25 GHz bandwidth.


TriMode™ Long Reach Solder Tip: A high performance solder tip with a long reach and very small, low-profile form factor. Up to 20 GHz bandwidth.


TriMode™ Long Reach Solder Tip (75 Ω tip resistor): A high performance solder tip for use with memory chip interposers with embedded 100 Ω resistors. Up to 20 GHz bandwidth.


TriMode™ Long Reach Solder Tip (0 Ω tip resistor): A high performance solder tip for use with memory chip interposers with embedded 175 Ω resistors. Up to 20 GHz bandwidth.


TriMode™ Resistor Solder Tip: High-performance solder tip with easy-to-solder tip resistors. Up to 18 GHz bandwidth.


TriMode™ Extended-resistor Solder Tip: Medium-performance solder tip with long easy-to-solder tip resistors. Up to 7 GHz bandwidth.


TriMode™ Micro-coax Tip: Low-cost, quick-connect solder tips. Up to 4 GHz bandwidth.


TriMode™ High-temperature Tip: When used with the 1.5 m Socket Cable XL, this tip can be used in environments from –55 °C to 150 °C. Up to 10 GHz bandwidth with DSP.


Damped Wire Tip: Low-cost solder tips ideal for high-density probing. Up to 8 GHz bandwidth.


Precision Differential Probing Module: High-performance handheld probing module. Up to 18 GHz bandwidth.

Hand-held and fixtured probing needs are met using the optional Precision Differential Probing Module (P75PDPM). Its small precision tapered tips, variable articulation of the probe tip, and quick-adjusting variable tip spacing provides the needed flexibility for adapting to vias and other test points of differing sizes from 30 mils to 180 mils.

These precision connectivity tools enable you to access multiple signals on anything from convenient test pads to hard-to-reach, high-density circuitry.

Signal fidelity

You can be confident in the signal fidelity of your measurements. The innovative new Tektronix differential architecture, coupled with the superior electrical performance of IBM SiGe technology, provides the bandwidth and fidelity to meet the industry needs of today as well as tomorrow.

The P7500 Series Probe architecture provides:

  • Highest bandwidth available – 25 GHz
  • Excellent step response
  • Low-DUT loading
  • High CMRR
  • Differential, single ended, or common mode measurements using one probe

Performance you can count on

Depend on Tektronix to provide you with performance you can count on. In addition to industry-leading service and support, this product comes backed by a one-year warranty as standard.


P7500 with P75PDPM

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Tektronix P7513A diff. Probe

Tektronix P7500 Datasheet


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