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Tektronix TDP3500 diff. Probe

Tektronix TDP3500 diff. Probe

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  • Bandwidth: 3.5 GHz
  • Input Impedance: 100 kΩ / ≤0.3 pF
  • Attenuation: 5X
  • Maximum Voltage: ±15 V (DC + pk AC)

Tektronix TDP3500 diff. Probe

The Tektronix TDP3500 is a low voltage differential oscilloscope probe

Differential active probes provide truer signal reproduction and fidelity for high-frequency measurements. With ultra-low input capacitance and versatile device-under-test connection capabilities, the TDP1500, TDP3500 and TDP4000 Differential-ended Active probes provide excellent high-speed electrical and mechanical performance required for today’s digital system designs.

Differential signaling used in high speed serial standards requires very accurate characterization. The industry-leading bandwidth and signal fidelity found in a Tektronix low voltage differential oscilloscope probe ensures that you see every possible detail. Tektronix offers TriMode™ architecture which streamlines measurement acquisition by enabling you to make differential, single-ended, and common mode measurements with a single connection!

A better measurement tool Specifically designed for use and direct connection to oscilloscopes with the TekVPI™ probe interface, the TDP1500, TDP3500 and TDP4000 Differential probes achieve high-speed signal acquisition and measurement fidelity by solving three traditional problems:

  • DUT loading effects – Are reduced by lower input capacitance and high input resistance
  • DUT connectivity – A variety of accessories exist for attaching to small SMDs, some come standard or recommended
  • Maximizing of system (oscilloscope and probe) bandwidth – Probing solutions for all measurements for TekVPI interface oscilloscope models up to 4 GHz

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Tektronix TDP3500 diff. Probe

Tektronix TDP3500 Datasheet

Tektronix TDP3500 diff. Probe

TDP3500 standard accessories

Description Quantity shipped Reorder part number Reorder quantity
Pouch, nylon carrying case with inserts 1 each 016-1952-xx 1 each
Documentation kit TDP3500, includes: 1 each of selected language 020-2867-xx (English with Standard) 020-2893-xx (Japanese with Option L5)
020-2894-xx (Simplified Chinese with Option L7)
1 each of selected language
Printed user manual (071-2212-xx, English; 071-2213-xx, Japanese; 071-2214-xx, Simplified Chinese)
CD containing PDF-only technical reference manual, 071-2297-xx, English
Certificate of traceability 1 each Standard with probe 1 each
Probe tip cover 1 each 200-4236-xx 1 each
Antistatic wrist strap 1 each 006-3415-xx 1 each
Accessory kit TDP3500 containing: 1 each 020-2883-xx 1 each
Plastic accessory box 1 each 006-7164-xx
Square pin adapter 4 each 016-1884-xx 4 each
Variable spacing tip adapter 4 each 016-1885-xx 4 each
Y-lead adapter 2 each 196-3434-xx 1 each
Micro CKT test tip 3 each 206-0569-xx 1 each
3-inch ground lead 2 each 196-3469-xx 2 each
Marker band set (2 each of 5 colors) 1 each 016-1315-xx 1 each
Accessory performance summary and reorder sheet 1 each 001-1435-xx 1 each
Accessory kit (solder-in differential probes TDP3500, P6330, P7330, P7350) containing: 1 each 020-2505-xx 1 each
Adapter, resistor/wire 2 each 016-1926-xx 2 each
Wire assembly w/ 0.02 diameter 10 each 016-1930-xx 10 each
Wire assembly w/ 0.008 diameter 10 each 016-1931-xx 10 each
10Ω resistor w/ 0.02 diameter wire 10 each 016-1927-xx 10 each
10Ω resistor w/ 0.008 diameter wire 10 each 016-1933-xx 10 each
20Ω resistor w/ 0.02 diameter wire 10 each 016-1928-xx 10 each
20Ω resistor w/ 0.008 diameter wire 10 each 016-1934-xx 10 each


Recommended accessories

Description Part number Quantity
TDP1500 TDP3500
BNC to probe tip adapter 067-1734-xx 1 each
Spring loaded grounds 016-1782-xx 1 package of 6
TwinFoot™ adapter 016-1785-xx 1 package of 4 1 package of 4
TwinTip™ adapter 016-1786-xx 1 package of 4
VanTip™ adapter 016-1890-xx 1 package of 8
IC micro grabber SMK-4 1 package of 4 1 package of 4
IEEE 1394 adapter 679-5027-xx 1 each 1 each
TekVPI™ cal fixture 067-1701-xx 1 each 1 each
Short ground contacts 016-1783-xx 1 package of 10

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3.5 GHz

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