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VeEX CX350s-D3.1 Advanced CATV Analyzer

VeEX CX350s-D3.1 Advanced CATV Analyzer

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Advanced All-in-One Installer Meter

The VePAL CX350s-D3.1 is a portable, all-in-one test solution for legacy analog and digital Cable TV networks, supporting SLM, DOCSIS 3.0/3.1, Ethernet, and T1 test capabilities.

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VeEX CX350s-D3.1 Advanced CATV Analyzer


  • Robust, lightweight chassis packed with powerful features for demanding environments and test conditions
  • High resolution color 7” touch-screen with graphical user interface
  • Ethernet LAN management port for remote control, back office applications, and workforce management
  • Fast and efficient test result transfer to USB memory stick or FTP upload via LAN or DOCSIS ports
  • Maintain instrument software, manage test setups and channel tables, process measurement results and generate customer test reports using included ReVeal™ PC software
  • Extend field testing time using interchangeable LiIon battery pack/s
  • Ability to lock user interface to prevent unwanted human interference during long-term testing
  • WiFi Wiz with InSSIDer SSID Analysis*
  • WiFi Spectrum Analyzer*
  • VoIP and IPTV*
  • Digital Fiber Inspection Scope*
  • Optical Power Meter*


  • Frequency range from 5 MHz to 1 GHz
  • Comprehensive SLM measurements (single channel, system scan, tilt, and installation check)
  • Video and Audio power level measurements (Annex A, B, C signals)
  • Forward and Return path QAM measurements (MER, Pre/Post BER, Constellation diagram, Histogram, and Equalizer on/off mode)
  • Advanced Digital measurements* (HUM, EVM, Phase Jitter, Symbol Rate Error, Frequency Response, Group Delay)
  • DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem with up to 32×8 Channel Bonding
  • DOCSIS 3.1 Cable Modem*
  • Spectrum view to capture impulse noise and interference
  • Home Installation Procedure (HIP) with user defined test limits
  • Built-in Upstream Generator* (CW, QPSK, QAM 16/64/128/256 modulation)
  • Ethernet up to 10 GigE with SLA validation tests including BERT, Throughput, RFC2544 and Y.1564 SAM*
  • Built-in TDR* supports up to 2 km / 6000 ft of standard coaxial cable
  • Single DS1 Transmitter/Receiver with Balanced (100Ω) interfaces* for full Rate DS1 and Fractional N x 64 kbps or N x 56 kbps testing
  • ISDN PRI call setup*


* Optional features

VeEX CX350s-D3.1 Advanced CATV Analyzer


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