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Anritsu MS2830A Signal Analyzer

Anritsu MS2830A Signal Analyzer

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  • Top-class spectrum analyzer measurement speed
  • Provides ±0.3dB (typ.) total level accuracy
  • Best-in-class dynamic range
  • Spectrum analyzer supporting built-in vector signal generator, analog signal generator, audio analyzer and modulation analysis (options)
  • Offers modulation analysis, such as LTE/LTE-Advanced, WLAN IEEE802.11a/b/g/j/n/p/ac and FM/ΦM/AM (options)
  • Noise Figure, BER and Transmission Characteristics measurement (options)
  • Excellent eco-friendly product with low power consumption of 110 VA min.
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Anritsu MS2830A Signal Analyzer

The Anritsu MS2830A is a Spectrum Analyzer/Signal Analyzer with top-class measurement speed at medium-class price. It has best-of-class dynamic range (average noise level [DANL]: –153 dBm, third-order intermodulation distortion [TOI]: +15 dBm) and excellent ±0.3 dB (typ.) total level accuracy using unique level calibration technology.

The MS2830A’s unique Capture & Playback function enables users to capture real-world signals in the field and then recreate them in the lab or on the production line. The MS2830A offers the performance and measurement speed of a high-end test instrument for a mid-range price. Features include:

  • Best-of-class dynamic range and total level accuracy minimize measurement uncertainty and maximize production yield
  • Wide variety of built-in measurement functions, including channel power, occupied bandwidth, adjacent channel leakage power (ACLR), spurious emissions, and much more
  • Low Phase Noise Performance option MS2830A-066 greatly improves phase noise for signals below 3.6 GHz, enabling unmatched performance for the most challenging narrowband adjacent channel leakage power and spurious emissions tests
  • Optional wideband vector signal analysis enables frequency vs. time, phase vs. time, spectrogram, and CCDF measurements
  • Comprehensive vector modulation analysis of proprietary and standard wireless communications signals, including LTE/LTE-Advanced, W-CDMA, GSM/EDGE, TD-SCDMA, CDMA2000, IEEE 802.11a/b/g/j/n/p, ZigBee, P25 Phase 1 & 2, DMR, NXDN and ITU-R Positive Train Control
  • Optional integrated vector signal generator produces continuous wave and I/Q modulated signals to support Tx and Rx testing
  • Audio Analyzer option MS2830A-018 enables complete Tx and Rx testing for analog radios, eliminating need for a dedicated instrument
  • Noise Figure Measurement Function option MS2830A-017 and Preamplifier option MS2830A-008 enable precise noise figure measurements

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Anritsu MS2830A Signal Analyzer

Anritsu MS2830A Product Brochure

Hardware MS2830A Main Frame
MS2830A-040 3.6 GHz Signal Analyzer
MS2830A-041 6 GHz Signal Analyzer
MS2830A-043 13.5 GHz Signal Analyzer
MS2830A-001 Rubidium Reference Oscillator
MS2830A-002 High Stability Reference Oscillator
MS2830A-005 Analysis Bandwidth Extension to 31.25 MHz
MS2830A-006 Analysis Bandwidth 10 MHz
MS2830A-077 Analysis Bandwidth Extension to 62.5 MHz (Requires MS2830A-006, 005)
MS2830A-078 Analysis Bandwidth Extension to 125 MHz (Requires MS2830A-006, 005, 077)
MS2830A-008 Preamplifier
MS2830A-010 Phase Noise Measurement Function
MS2830A-011 2ndary HDD
MS2830A-016 Precompliance EMI Function
MS2830A-017 Noise Figure Measurement Function
MS2830A-018 Audio Analyzer
MS2830A-026 BER Measurement Function
MS2830A-066 Low Phase Noise Performance
MS2830A-020 3.6 GHz Vector Signal Generator
MS2830A-021 6 GHz Vector Signal Generator
MS2830A-022 Low Power Extension for Vector Signal Generator
MS2830A-027 ARB Memory Upgrade 256 Msa for Vector Signal Generator
MS2830A-028 AWGN
MS2830A-029 Analog Function Extension for Vector Signal Generator
MS2830A-088 3.6GHz Analog Signal Generator
MS2830A-052 Internal Signal Generator Control Function
(Measurement software for
Signal Analyzer)
MX269011A W-CDMA/HSPA Downlink Measurement Software
MX269012A W-CDMA/HSPA Uplink Measurement Software
MX269013A GSM/EDGE Measurement Software
MX269013A-001 EDGE Evolution Measurement Software
MX269015A TD-SCDMA Measurement Software
MX269017A Vector Modulation Analysis Software
MX269018A Analog Measurement Software
MX269020A LTE Downlink Measurement Software
MX269020A-001 LTE-Advanced FDD Downlink Measurement Software
MX269021A LTE Uplink Measurement Software
MX269021A-001 LTE-Advanced FDD Uplink Measurement Software
MX269022A LTE TDD Downlink Measurement Software
MX269022A-001 LTE-Advanced TDD Downlink Measurement Software
MX269023A LTE TDD Uplink Measurement Software
MX269023A-001 LTE-Advanced TDD Uplink Measurement Software
MX269024A CDMA2000 Forward Link Measurement Software
MX269024A-001 All Measure Function
MX269026A EV-DO Forward Link Measurement Software
MX269026A-001 All Measure Function
MX269028A WLAN (802.11) Measurement Software
MX269028A-001 802.11ac (80 MHz) Measurement Software
MX269030A W-CDMA BS Measurement Software
(Software for waveform pattern
generation for vector signal
MX269901A HSDPA/HSUPA IQproducer
MX269902A TDMA IQproducer
MX269904A Multi-Carrier IQproducer
MX269908A LTE IQproducer
MX269908A-001 LTE-Advanced FDD Option
MX269910A LTE TDD IQproducer
MX269910A-001 LTE-Advanced TDD Option
MX269911A WLAN IQproducer
MX269911A-001 802.11ac (80 MHz) Option
MX269912A TD-SCDMA IQproducer
Warranty service MS2830A-ES210 2 years Extended Warranty Service
MS2830A-ES310 3 years Extended Warranty Service
MS2830A-ES510 5 years Extended Warranty Service

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Analyzers, Spectrum Analyzers

Frequency Range

9 kHz, 3.6 GHz, 6 GHz, 13.5 GHz, 26.5 GHz, 43 GHz

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