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Hioki MR8902 Voltage/Temp Unit

Hioki MR8902 Voltage/Temp Unit

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Measure minute voltage or temperature waveform by 16 bit resolution, isolated input

Hioki MR8902 Voltage/Temp Unit

Functions No. of channels: 15, for voltage/temperature measurement (selectable for each channels)
Input connectors Voltage/thermocouple input: push button terminal
Recommended wire diameter: single-wire φ 0.32 mm to φ 0.65 mm, stranded wire 0.08 to 0.32 mm2 (conductor wire diameter min. φ 0.12 mm), AWG 28 to 22
Input resistance: 1 MΩ
Max. rated voltage to earth: 100 V AC, DC (with input isolated from the main unit, the max. voltage that can be applied between input channel and chassis and between input channels without damage)
Voltage measurement ranges 500 μV to 5 V/div, 9 ranges, full scale: 20 division * The AC instantaneous voltage waveform cannot be measured due to the slow sampling speed.
Resolution: 1/1000 of measurement range (using 16-bit A/D converter)
Accuracy: ±0.1 % f.s. (with digital filter ON, Zero position accuracy included)
Temperature measurement range Reference junction compensation: Internal/ External (selectable)
Thermocouple broken-wire detection: ON/OFF (selection applies to entire unit)
Thermocouple type: K, J, E, T, N, R, S, B, WRe5-26
* For thermocouple measurement ranges, resolution, and accuracy, refer to the specifications table below
Digital filter 50 Hz, 60 Hz, or OFF
Data refresh rate 10 ms (with filter OFF, burn-out detection OFF)
20 ms (with filter OFF, burn-out detection ON)
500 ms (with filter ON, data refresh rate: Fast)
2 s (with filter ON, data refresh rate: Normal)
Max. allowable input 100 V DC (the max. voltage that can be applied across input pins without damage)
Dimensions and mass 119.5mm (4.70 in)W × 18.8mm (0.74 in)H × 184.8mm (7.28 in)D, 190 g (6.7 oz)
Accessories Ferrite clamp ×2

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