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Keithley 2200-60-2 DC Power Supply

Keithley 2200-60-2 DC Power Supply

11.630,00 kr.

  • Number of Outputs – 1
  • Maximum Voltage – 60V
  • Maximum Current – 2.5A
  • Connectivity – USB, GPIB

Keithley 2200-60-2 Power Supply

The Series Keithley 2200 offers five DC power supply models with voltage outputs from 20V to 72V to address a wide range of power requirements. These supplies have both front and rear outputs for use on a bench or in a test system. With basic voltage setting accuracy of 0.03% and basic voltage readback accuracy of 0.02%, the voltage you program for the load is the voltage accurately applied at the output terminals. The rear panel connections include remote sense terminals that compensate for voltage drops in the power supply leads.




0.05% basic current setting and readback accuracy Ensures high quality load current measurements.
0.1mA current resolution Allows measuring idle and sleep mode currents for verifying that products meet aggressive low power consumption goals.
Dual-line display Shows both the programmed values and actual outputs for a continuous indication of the status of the power delivered to the load.
Built-in List mode Simplifies creating repeatable test sequences of up to 80 output steps.
Two digital I/O lines Synchronizes voltage changes with external events or with test system control signals
Programmable overvoltage protection Causes the output to drop below 1V if the overvoltage limit is reached.
Front panel lock-out functions Ensures that test parameters are not accidentally changed.
GPIB and USB interfaces  Simplifies integration into automated test environments.


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Keithley 2200-60-2 DC Power Supply


Keithley 2200 Series Datasheet





Keithley 2200-20-5 DC Power Supply

Model Description Number of Outputs Maximum Voltage Maximum Current Connectivity List Price
2200-20-5 Power Supply, 20 Volts, 5 Amps 1 20V 5A USB, GPIB

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2200-32-3 Power Supply, 32 Volts, 3 Amps 1 32V 3A USB, GPIB

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2200-72-1 Power Supply, 72 Volts, 1.2 Amps 1 72V 1.2A USB, GPIB

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2200-30-5 Power Supply, 30 Volts, 5 Amps 1 30V 5A USB, GPIB

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2200-60-2 Power Supply, 60 Volts, 2.5 Amps 1 60V 2.5A USB, GPIB

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