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Kikusui TOS5200 AC Hipot Tester

Kikusui TOS5200 AC Hipot Tester

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  • Hipot (Withstanding voltage): AC 5 kV/100 mA
  • High-precision measurement ± 1.5 % of reading
  • Rise/Fall time control function
  • Key lock function and Protection cover on the panel operation
  • Limit voltage function
  • Monitoring output voltage function
  • Equipped with USB and RS232C interface as standard

Kikusui TOS5200 AC Hipot Tester

The Kikusui TOS5200 is designated model for AC Hipot Test with 500 VA capacity and 200 mA short circuit current output capability. With equipped PWM amplifier, this model can provide a stable & reliable output without being affected by AC power line. Therefore, it is a perfect AC Hipot Test solution for electronic equipment or devices based upon IEC, EN, UL, VDE and JIS etc. requirement. As Kikusui TOS5200 maintains most of all features of our upper class model for AC Hipot Test, it achieves the superb cost / performance ratio for those who needs 200 VA or 500 VA capacity, or both. Also, as it equips Interlock function together with other safety features, operator can carry out the Test with higher current value in safe.

Kikusui TOS5200


Comparison with the Kikusui previous model

Specification comparison item TOS5200 TOS5050A
Appearance TOS5200 TOS550A
Testvoltage Output method PWM switching amp system Slide transformer method
Distortion 3 % or less As per commercial power supply waveform
Frequency 50 Hz or 60 Hz Synchronized with commercial power supply waveform
Output voltage waveform Sine Commercial power supply waveform
Voltage regulation 10 % or less 15 % or less
Input voltage variation ±0.3 %
Test time Minimum setting value 0.1 s 0.5 s
Accuracy ±(100 ppm + 20 ms) excluding Fall Time ±(100 ppm + 20 ms)
Judgment feature Upper limit setting AC: 0.01 mA to 110 mA AC: 0.1 mA to 110 mA
Lower limit setting AC: 0.01 mA to 110 mA AC: 0.1 mA to 110 mA
Accuracy 1.00 mA ≤ i: ±(1.5 % of set),i <1.00 mA: ±(1.5 % of set +30 μA) Upper limit: ±(5 % + 20 μA)
Rise Time and Fall Time control features 3
Voltmeter Display Digital Digital, analog
Measurement accuracy ±1.5 % of reading (V>500V) ±1.5 % f.s
Voltmeter/Ammeter Measurement method True rms/mean-value Mean-value/rms value
RS232C Interface POWER Switch and all function except Key lock Output for data, test result
Weight Approx. 14 kg (30.9 lbs) Approx. 15 kg (33.07 lbs)
Other Input power supply 100 Vac to 240 Vac 100 V ± 10 %



Highly stable output is realized with PWM Switching Amplifier!

Kikusui TOS5200

Equipped with the PWM switching amplifier system,the Kikusui TOS5200 realizes highly stable putput without influenced by input form AC line.
A conventional Hipot Tester boosts and outputs the AC line’s input voltage through the use of a slide transformer system With this slide transformer system,input voltage fluctuations will affect the output, preventing test from being performed properly. Since the Kikusui TOS5200 equips with a high-voltage without being affected by the variation of AC power line,users can perform ‘safe’,’stable’,and highly ‘reliable’ tests with confidence, even in regions with large voltage variations.






Kikusui TOS5200


Rise time / Fall time control function

The rise time control function isto prevent the excessive stress that is being applied to the EUT (test object). The Hipot (Withstanding voltage) test is conducted to verify the safety performance of the EUT and which test voltage for Hipot (Withstanding voltage) test is applied approximately five to ten times greater than the voltage that handles by the EUT. If a high voltage is applied rapidly with no rise time, the transitional large voltage (current) will be occurred, and it may cause a damage to the EUT.

For this reason, safety standards stipulate the procedure of Hipot (Withstanding voltage) test, and the test voltage must be gradually increased to the specified voltage when the test is performed. The rise time control function adopted in the in the Kikusui TOS5300 Series can set the voltage rise time from 0.1s to 10.0 s (at a resolution of 0.1 s) and also it is capable to set the 50 % (fixed) of the applied test voltage. In addition, the fall time control function enables to decrease the test voltage gradually after the completion of a PASS judgement. The voltage fall time is fixed at 0.1 s (OFF is also selectable).




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Kikusui TOS5200 AC Hipot Tester


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