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Aim-TTi AC1000A Low Distortion 1kW Power Source

Aim-TTi AC1000A Low Distortion 1kW Power Source

6.770,00 kr.

  • Provides an EN61000–3–2 compliant source
  • 1000W power capability at 230V
  • Up to 4·4A rms load current and up to 10A peak currents
  • Comprehensive overload protection
  • Connection via standard power connectors
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Aim-TTi AC1000A Low Distortion 1kW Power Source

The AC1000A is a low cost pure power source designed specifically for use with a harmonics analyser such as the HA1600A. The AC supply available at a standard wall socket is usually distorted. This comes about because of nonlinear loads (non–resistive loads) on the AC supply such as transformers, fluorescent lights, switched–mode power supplies etc. The effect of this is to flatten off the top of the sine wave causing significant distortion. In a typical factory environment this distortion is so significant that it is easily visible using an oscilloscope. EN61000–3–2 requires that the source supply provides a pure voltage waveform to the equipment under test. The harmonic currents can differ significantly when a pure source is used, so for true compliance measurements it is important that any testing is performed with a device such as the AC1000A. Because of the large increase in the peak currents that can result from having a pure sinewave maims voltage supply, the AC1000A is also very useful for stress testing a wide variety of power supplies types within electronic equipment. Compact and portable, the AC1000A is rated at 1000 V·A for 230 V operation at up to 35°C ambient. The Maximum continuous rms current is 4.4A with a peak current capability of 10A.

For more information: Aim-TTi AC1000A

Aim-TTi AC1000A Low Distortion 1kW Power Source

AIM-TTi HA1600A+AC1000A EMC analyzer Datasheet

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