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EM TEST VDS200N Voltage Drop Simulator

EM TEST VDS200N Voltage Drop Simulator

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VDS200N Voltage Drop Simulator – Battery supply simulation and DC voltage source

  • Voltage up to 60V
  • Current up to 200A (peak up to 1,000A)
  • Bipolar-amplifier models available
  • Low output impedance
  • Powerful DC voltage source

EM TEST VDS200N Voltage Drop Simulator

VDS200N – Battery supply simulator and DC voltage source

The VDS 200N series is used to simulate the various battery supply waveforms recommended by international standards and by car manufacturer requirements. Especially the manufacturer requirements are an important area covered by the VDS 200N series as there is a large variety of requirements. Secondly, the VDS 200N series serve as powerful DC voltage supplies for the DUT during the tests with automotive transients. The VDS 200N series covers all three supply voltage categories. Their current capability ranges up to 200A depending on the model and your application.

EM TEST VDS200N Voltage Drop Simulator

EM TEST VDS200N Datasheet

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